Woman Thou Art Loosed
Entertainment: +1 1/2
Acceptability: -1

This fictional drama is based on a best-selling novel and stage play by T.D. Jakes TV evangelist and pastor of a large Dallas church drawn from counseling sessions that he and his wife have held with church members. Michelle Jordan (Kimberly Elise) is on death row for shooting a man while in a church revival. She requests to see Bishop T.D. Jakes (playing himself) and tells her story beginning when she was just a little girl. She was raised by a single mother (Loretta Devine) who would not let her call her mommy but rather by her first name. When she is left home alone at about age 11, her mothers boyfriend (Clifton Powell) comes home drunk and rapes her. When Michelle tells her mother what happened, her mother blames Michelle and tells her to never speak of it again. In and out of jail for drugs and prostitution, Michelle has a spiritual experience and attempts to turn her life around, but the demons from her old life will not let her.

The purpose of the film is to promote awareness of child sexual abuse in the church. The story is moving and at times disturbing. In an attempt to be realistic, the film may be too graphic to show in most churches. While it does a fine job of pointing out the problem, it offers little in the way of a solution. Jakes is seen numerous times at the church revival saying that no problem is too big for God and that God will get you through. He brings his Bible into the prison, but he is never shown with it open. Virtually no scripture is used throughout the film. Woman Thou Art Loosed has several occurrences of bad language including the inappropriate use of the name of God. It also contains brief moments of sexuality including the sex act. Preview therefore does not recommend it.

Preview Reviewer: Alan Boyer
Distributor: Scripture and God scarcely make an appearance

Crude Language: Several (7) times mild (hell 1, damn 3); strong (-ss 3)
Obscene Language: Once moderate (cr-p 1)
Profanity: Few (2) times moderate (MG 1, G 1)
Violence: Few times moderate (man hits woman in the face; woman hits man in the face; woman shoots man in the chest; man shoots at another man, but it is unclear if he hits him)
Sexual Intercourse: Several times mild (man takes little girl in room, closes the door, and then screaming is heard; blood is seen on girls dress around crotch); moderate (man and woman seen briefly having sex with no nudity, woman seen dancing seductively at strip club with no nudity)
Nudity: Few times mild (woman shown in shower from shoulders up, woman draws attention when she walks into a church without wearing a bra)
Homosexual Conduct: Once mild (man dressed in womans cloths at beauty shop)
Sexually Suggestive Action/Dialog: Few times mild (man talks to young girl about her growing up and filling out in a sexual manner)
Drug Abuse: Few times moderate (man comes home drunk); strong (several people sitting around inhaling illegal drugs)
Other: Scripture and God scarcely make an appearance
Running Time: 97 minutes
Intended Audience: Adults

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