Without a Paddle
Entertainment: +2 1/2
Acceptability: -2 1/2

Three childhood friends, now in their 30s, reunite at the funeral of Billy, another longtime friend. Levelheaded Jerry (Matthew Lillard) hates his corporate job and cannot commit to his live-in girlfriend (Bonnie Somerville). Dan (Seth Green), now Dr. Dan Mott, suffers from many childhood phobias and is too shy to ask his nurse for a date. Tom (Dax Shepard) tells tall tales of amazing adventures and conquests to cover up his many failures. The three decide to honor Billy by pursuing his childhood obsession $200,000 that disappeared in 1971 with airline highjacker D.B. Cooper who parachuted into a remote area of Washington State. The three city guys embark on a wildly comical and dangerous expedition on the Columbia River. They manage to survive the raging river, a visit from a grizzly bear and two dangerous thugs guarding their marijuana crop. Burt Reynolds plays an eccentric hermit who holds the key to the missing treasure.

Jerry, Dan and Tom discover much about themselves and each other as their fun quickly dissipates into a desperate fight to survive. At the end of their journey, they agree that a meaningful life, not the missing money, is their real treasure. Poor Dan is traumatized by a bear that mistakes him for a bear cub and carries him into the woods and feeds him a dead animal. They lose their canoe in a heart-stopping ride over a waterfall, leaving them lost with only a ragged map shredded by the bear. When the three stumble into the drug thugs camp, they are chased through burning marijuana fields and become stoned from inhaling the smoke. In this euphoric state, they discover two beautiful women living in a tree house who offer them refuge. While there is no sex, the scantily clad girls arouse the men with their behavior and explicit conversation. Crude bathroom humor and sexually suggestive references permeate the dialog along with a generous serving of foul language. Without a Paddle sinks into a quagmire of tasteless, crude content.

Preview Reviewer: Mary Draughon
Distributor: Paramount

Crude Language: Several (8) times mild (hell 4); strong (ass 4)
Obscene Language: Many (15) times strong (s-word 11, other 4)
Profanity: Several (8) times moderate (MG 2, G 1, G-sake 1); strong (GD 2, J 2)
Violence: Many times mild (bear chase, canoe capsizes in raging white water, man carried into woods by bear, attack dogs threaten intruders); moderate (man shot in arm, men shot at by thugs, fighting)
Sexual Intercourse: Few (2) times mild (implied sex without nudity when unmarried couple is in bed under covers briefly before being interrupted by a friend, couple in bed together with no nudity or action)
Nudity: Few times mild (women scantily dressed)
Homosexual Conduct: Once moderate (two women kiss, refer to dancing together naked, men become aroused while huddled together)
Sexually Suggestive Action/Dialog: Many times men ogle women, commenting on downstairs
Drug Abuse: Several times moderate (men drink beer, men become high on marijuana)
Other: Men urinate in river, feces thrown at intruders, bear feeds man dead animal, men learn that relationships are more valuable than money
Running Time: 93 minutes
Intended Audience: Teenagers and young adults

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