Entertainment: +1 1/2
Acceptability: -1

Based on a science fiction short story, this moderate action film confuses more than entertains. Set in the future, the story puts Earth defending itself from hostile aliens. Dr. Spenser Olham (Gary Sinise), a prominent scientist and weapons developer and his wife Maya (Madeline Stowe) return from a weekend camping for a special reception to meet with the Prime Minister. But Spenser is arrested by Major Hathaway (Vincent DOnifrio) and told that he is a humanoid robot designed by the alien enemy. Protesting his innocence, Spenser escapes. But can he prove the Major wrong before recapture and death? Although filled with talented actors, the film lacks the necessary involvement with characters to provide audience support.

Similar to THE FUGITIVE, the story takes a few semi-surprising twists, which are still somewhat predictable. Although graphic injuries are downplayed, one scene shows the gruesome removal of a humanoid heart that becomes a bomb. Several scenes also show people wounded in combat as they arrive at the hospital. As he tries to evade Hathaway, Spenser offers drugs in exchange for help, but the man later only takes medical supplies to help the less fortunate. Despite the relative lack of objectionable material, the dialogue includes several strong profanities and a few obscenities, which degrade the acceptability of IMPOSTOR.

Preview Reviewer: Paul Bicking
Distributor: Miramax Films, 375 Greenwich St., New York, NY 10013

Crude Language: Once - Moderate
Obscene Language: Few (3) times F-word, s-word, other
Profanity: Several (9) times Regular 6 (GD 3, C, JC, Swear to G); exclamatory 3(OG 2, MG)
Violence: Many times Moderate and severe (Injection into hand, kicks, stabs, heart removed from man, shootings, bloody surgical wound, explosion)
Sexual Intercourse: Implied once (married couple rolling in bed)
Nudity: Once (Obscured male rear in shower); Near nudity Once (woman breast feeding)
Homosexual Conduct: None
Sexually Suggestive Action/Dialog: Few times (Couple kissing sensuously, man makes sexual comment)
Drug Abuse: None, but reference to trading drugs
Other: Medical drugs stolen
Running Time: 96 minutes
Intended Audience: Teens and young adults

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