Galapagos [IMAX 3D]
Entertainment: +1 1/2
Acceptability: +3

This unique IMAX 3D tour of Galapagos Islands' unusual wildlife both on land and under water, highlights some of the strange creatures that prompted Charle Darwin, after his visit in 1835, to write his "Origin of the Species." Sitting off the coast of South America, the Ecuadorian islands are home to marine iguanas, sea otters, turtles and other wildlife and plants that have adapted to the seemingly hostile environment. Dr. Carole Baldwin, a marine biologist and Museum Specialist with the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History explores this natural sanctuary, particularly the waters around the islands. The 3D photogaphy and large screen format create impressive, 'you are there' images and the narration by Dr. Baldwin and actor Kenneth Branagh add an exciting first-time tour feel. Although Darwin's visit is referenced and comments made about his theory of natural selection, Dr. Baldwin uses the term 'evolution' in a more narrow definition of permanent adaptations within a species, such as variations in the beak shapes of different finches to get food. And variations are noted in tortise shells that permit different types of food gathering. One of her last comments is that evolution is on-going as species adapt and pass on the genetic changes to their off-spring. But the idea of one species evolving into another is never implied. She also comments on the lack of fear the animals and fish have of human intruders. GALAPAGOS can also be viewed as a visit to islands that reflect the wonder of God's creations.

Preview Reviewer: Paul Bicking
Distributor: IMAX Corporation, 3003 Exposition Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90404

Crude Language: None
Obscene Language: None
Profanity: None
Violence: None
Sexual Intercourse: None
Nudity: None
Homosexual Conduct: None
Sexually Suggestive Action/Dialog: None
Drug Abuse: None
Other: References to Darwin's theories of natural selection and evolution processes
Running Time: 40 minutes
Intended Audience: All ages

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