Highlander: Endgame
Entertainment: +1 1/2
Acceptability: -2 1/2

Somewhat tying together the Highlander film series with the Highlander television series, this movie unites Connor MacLoed (Christopher Lambert) with Duncan MacLoed (Adrian Paul). For the uninitiated, the main characters are called Immortals. They live for hundreds of years and when apparently killed, recover unless beheaded. But various Immortals frequently stage sword duels; for when one Immortal beheads another, the losers life force is transferred to the winner. In flashback scenes, episodes from the Immortals past give clues about the current story. For ENDGAME, the woman Connor calls mother is condemned by a village priest for witchcraft because of Connors inability to stay dead. Trying to rescue her, Connor kills the priest. But Jacob Kell (Bruce Payne), the priests supposed son is also an Immortal who seeks revenge throughout history, by killing those Connor cares for. Duncan, also an Immortal, comes from the same Scottish clan and is like a younger brother to Connor, which makes him a target for Kell. Thrown into the mix are a group of mortals called Watchers, who act like scorekeepers for the Immortals duels. Basically for the series fans, this action-fantasy may leave others wondering whats going on.

In keeping with the fantasy legend, the film is filled with sword fights, beheadings, and a few gruesome deaths for the Immortals to recover from. One graphic sex scene with nudity is also included. Although raised by a priest, Kell is obsessed with revenge. He also wears three silver crosses on the heal of his shoes. Duncan expresses hope in forgiveness for past errors and tells Kell that "revenge nevers brings redemption." Unfortunately, there's too much revenge and too little redemption.

Preview Reviewer: Paul Bicking
Distributor: Miramax, 375 Greenwich, NY, NY, 10013

Crude Language: Several (6) times - mild 2, moderate 4
Obscene Language: Few (3) times - S-word 3
Profanity: Few (3) times - Exclamatory (OG, MG, Thank G)
Violence: Many times - moderate and severe (explosion, sword stabbings/ impalings, woman burned at the stake, shootings, martial arts kicks/ hits, beheadings, body impaled on construction bar, injection pushed up nose, knife in chest, bloody wounds, lightning-type bolts of life-force strike victorious Immortals)
Sexual Intercourse: Once - graphic with nudity (married couple)
Nudity: Few times (female breast, rear, male rear in sex scene); Near Nudity - few times (models in underwear, woman drops dress)
Homosexual Conduct: None
Sexually Suggestive Action/Dialog: Few times (couples kiss, married couple undress on wedding night)
Drug Abuse: None, but wine at meal
Other: Concept of Immortal race, man raised by priest focuses on revenge, Immortals wont duel on on 'holy ground,' man tires of violence and seeing loved ones die, man believes in hope of forgiveness for past actions, comment that revenge never brings redemption
Running Time: 85 minutes
Intended Audience: Adults and series fans

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