Bring It On
Entertainment: +2
Acceptability: -2

This comedy enlightens the uninitiated on the very core of high school society - the competitive world of cheerleading. Senior Torrance Shipman (Kirsten Dunst) becomes the new captain of the cheering squad for Rancho Carne High School Toros. Right away, she discovers that her championship team's routines were stolen from an inner city cheerleading squad led by Isis (Gabrielle Union). Now the Toros must come up with a completely original program to defend their title at the upcoming national competition. Cliff (Jesse Bradford), the handsome new guy in school, provides a romantic interest and conflict for Torrance, whos also got a college age boyfriend. BRING IT ON's many exciting cheerleading performances combine gymnastics with clever dance steps to enthrall teenagers. And others will find laughs in the comical mishaps of teenagers struggling to meet the challenges of competition.

Unlike many teenage films portraying cheerleaders as egotistical and shallow, these high school students work hard and learn that competing fairly is more important than winning. Their wholesome, clean-cut appearance fades, however, with gutter vocabulary that includes 21 obscenities and 27 crudities. The girls use very suggestive moves in their routines, and at least once, a male cheerleader gropes a female team member. To lure customers to their fund raising carwash, the girls cavort in the street in brief bikinis. Male members of the squad are ridiculed by classmates who call them fags. But one male cheerleader admits he's attracted to other boys. There is no sex on-screen, but Torrance's college boyfriend is shown in bed with a coed. Later, shes briefly seen in her underwear in his dorm room. And Torrance is jokingly accused of having "cheer sex" when she flirts with Cliff during a cheering session at a football game. Lessons learned and mistakes corrected are commendable, but gratuitous foul language and tasteless gyrations spoil BRING IT ON.

Preview Reviewer: Mary Draughon
Distributor: Universal Pictures, 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608

Crude Language: Many (32) times Mild 5, Moderate 27
Obscene Language: Many (21) times - S-word 8, other 10, finger gesture 3
Profanity: Several (5) times Exclamatory
Violence: Few times Moderate (cheerleader injured in fall, football players suffer painful hits, bloody nose)
Sexual Intercourse: Implied twice (college students in bed, girl dressing in boy's dorm room)
Nudity: Implied once (breast nudity in dream sequence - bare shoulders and back shown); Near nudity - Many times (brief cheerleader costumes, teenage girls in tight fitting/ revealing T-shirts, brief underwear and bikini bathing suits)
Homosexual Conduct: Few times (male cheerleader admits attraction to other males, two male cheerleaders show attraction to each other, many remarks about male cheerleaders being homosexual)
Sexually Suggestive Action/Dialog: Many times (suggestive dance moves, girls cavort suggestively; girl accused of
Drug Abuse: Once (adult male pops pills in front of teenagers)
Other: Cheerleaders learn to compete fairly, show respect for competitors; nervous girl vomits on another; superstitious cheerleader tradition; young boy deliberately passes gas)
Running Time: 95 minutes (est
Intended Audience: Teenagers

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