What Lies Beneath
Entertainment: +2 1/2
Acceptability: -2

After sending her daughter off to college, Claire (Michelle Pfeiffer) thinks shell finally have time alone with her husband, Professor Norman Spenser (Harrison Ford). But while Norman is at work, doing important genetic research at the university, Claire begins to hear strange noises and doors seem to open by themselves. She also wonders about the neighbors who seem to have marital difficulties. Convinced their neighbor killed his wife, Claire thinks the sounds may be her ghost. But when she turns up alive, Claire begins to doubt her sanity. Then she starts seeing images of a dead girl. And the girl seems to have some connection with Norman. This suspenseful mystery-thriller makes audiences jump out of their seats, laugh nervously when expected scares dont appear and generally have a frightfully good time.

While almost a classic horror mystery, the film includes strong occultic images and even encourages occultic practices. When Claire tells a psychiatrist about her haunting encounters, he encourages her to try communicating with the spirit. She and a friend, who also purports to use psychics, try using a Ouija board. Although they cant help but laugh at the hokey sance cliches while sitting on the bathroom floor, the friend later gives Claire a book about sorcery, which includes contacting the dead. At one point, the spirit even seems to possess Claires body while she holds a lock of the dead girls hair. Norman also reads the book and tries exorcising the girls spirit by burning the hair. Claire even comments that her attempts to contact the ghost, opened the door; gave her power over me. Although the emphasis is on occultic spiritism, the film also includes some disturbing images of near drowning, bloody faces and a decayed corpse. A few regular profanities and obscenities mar the dialogue. Dont look WHAT LIES BENEATH, rather seek what awaits above in heaven.

Preview Reviewer: Paul Bicking
Distributor: Dreamworks SKG, 100 Universal Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608 & 20th Century Fox

Crude Language: Few (4) times - Mild 3, moderate 1
Obscene Language: Few (4) times - F-word 1, s-word 1, other 2
Profanity: Many (12) times - Regular (C 1, JC 1, J 1, G 1); exclamatory (OMG 3, OG 4, Thank G)
Violence: Many times - Moderate (thorn in hand, glass shard in foot, door closed on hand, woman grabbed, bloody hands, near drowning, head hit on sink, truck wreck, dead body floating)
Sexual Intercourse: Implied once (married couple kissing on bed)
Nudity: None; Near nudity - Few times (woman in nightgown, woman in bathtub)
Homosexual Conduct: None
Sexually Suggestive Action/Dialog: Several times (suggestive comments, reference to sounds from neighbors, divorcee talks about picking up guys, woman spreads legs suggestively, woman opens mans shirt, references to affair)
Drug Abuse: Alcohol and wine drinking at party, reference to taking Valium for sleep/ overdose on pills
Other: Reference to psychic use, psychiatrist urges contacting ghost, women try Ouija board, book on contacting dead, reference to apple being forbidden fruit, apparent possession of woman by ghost, comment about presence in house and giving ghost power, reference to exorcism, dead body comes to life
Running Time: 130 minutes
Intended Audience: Older teens and adults

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