Just Like A Woman
Entertainment: +2
Acceptability: -2 1/2

Gerald (Adrian Pasdar) is an American financial advisor working in London. Married, with two children, he finds himself suddenly divorced when his wife returns unexpectedly to discover women's clothing and makeup that isn't hers in their apartment. Gerald moves to a boarding house run by Monica (Julie Walters), a divorcee. She's attracted to him and, as an affair develops, Gerald admits that he uses makeup and dresses like a woman. Caring Monica accepts Gerald's activity and goes with Gerald, as "Geraldine," to a nightclub for "cross-dressers." Monica encourages Gerald to be more open as "Geraldine," and even takes "her" (Gerald) shopping. Stopped by traffic police one night, Gerald is caught in his masquerade. Fired, Gerald must come to terms with an activity that has cost him both family and job. JUST LIKE A WOMAN has humorous and entertaining spots, but at 102 minutes it tends to become tedious.

Men dressing as women has been a comic device often in the theatre and movies. However, this film shows transvestism as a lifestyle of the main character. Gerald denies being homosexual, and other cross-dressers in the film have wives and children. They realize that transvestism is not acceptable to most people, and even Gerald's children don't want him to visit them. Gerald's heterosexual orientation is confirmed by two sex scenes with Monica. No nudity occurs in these scenes, but full rear nudity is shown as Gerald leaves the room. When Gerald is caught by the police, one puts his hand up his dress to confirm his gender. Not surprising, the film has some profanity and several obscenities. When Gerald tries to give up his lifestyle, Monica encourages him to accept his female side. Certainly, transvestites should be accepted as human beings, but their lifestyle is clearly anti-biblical and undesirable. This deceptive, offensive film presents transvestism as acceptable and tends to encourage it.

Preview Reviewer: Paul R. Bicking
Distributor: The Samuel Goldwyn Company, 10203 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90067

Crude Language: Several (6) times - Mild 3, Moderate 3
Obscene Language: Several (9) times (s-word 2, other 7)
Profanity: Several (5) - Regular 3, Exclamatory 2
Violence: none
Sexual Intercourse: Shown once (no nudity); implied once
Nudity: Once (rear male)
Homosexual Conduct: None
Sexually Suggestive Action/Dialog: Few times (couple dance in underwear; policeman puts hand up Gerald's dress
Drug Abuse: Social drinking; smoking
Other: Ethnic slurs against Japanese; men at urinals; transvestism generally presented as acceptable
Running Time:
Intended Audience: Adults

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