Lord of Illusions
Entertainment: +1
Acceptability: -3 1/2

The newest tale by horror writer Clive Barker follows the history of a strange Koresh-like cult during the early 1980's. The cult is led by Nix (Daniel Von Bargen) who is apparently possessed and can do strange tricks like hold fire and make others hallucinate. One day Nix's best protege, Philip Swann (Kevin J. O'Connor), kills him and puts a supernatural mask on him to ensure that he does not come back to life. Of course, he does come back eventually. The plot goes from bad to worse as Nix is raised from the dead and starts raising Cain, so to speak. Even Clive Barker fans will have to agree this is a poorly done movie.

Surprisingly, and to its credit, the film does take the occult side of magic seriously. The film graphically portrays magical occultic powers, but these powers are used both for evil and good. The occult is not condoned, but is definitely exploited to entertain. The story abounds with the usual Clive Barker trademark gory scenes showing people mutilating themselves, being electrocuted, shot, knifed to death, torturing each other and eating raw chicken organs. It's all here, along with much atrocious language, needless property destruction, jabs against Christianity, female breast nudity, full male rear nudity and a sex scene. Don't put yourself under the illusion that this movie has any redeeming qualities. LORD OF ILLUSIONS belongs right back where it came from, in a very deep hole in the ground.

Preview Reviewer: Greg Wilson
Distributor: MGM/UA, 2500 Broadway St., Santa Monica, CA 90404

Crude Language: Several (9) times - Mild 7, Moderate 2
Obscene Language: Many (40) times - F-word 27, s-word 11, others 2
Profanity: Many (10) times - Regular 6 (J, JC), Exclamatory (4)
Violence: Many times - Severe (many shooting deaths, one electrocution, a few burned alive, some dying of thirst, one tortured and stabbed to death, one run over; a few violent fights with weapons and clubs; chickens sacrificed and eaten raw).
Sexual Intercourse: Implied twice (once with female breast nudity and full male rear nudity)
Nudity: Many times (female breast nudity and male rear nudity)
Homosexual Conduct: None
Sexually Suggestive Action/Dialog: Few times - sensual kissing, revealing blouses
Drug Abuse: None
Other: Magical occultic powers portrayed
Running Time:
Intended Audience: Young adults

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