by Phil Boatwright

Doctored is a documentary from Jeff Hays Films and Working Pictures about the manipulation of the American Medical Association to discredit chiropractic treatment. But it’s about much more. It reveals a disturbing account of how the medical field is used to enslave people to drugs and unnecessary medical procedures.

Though a bit long at 1 hr. 40 min. and sometimes heavy-handed (not all doctors use such tactics), still, Doctored gives us a disturbing look at how the AMA and pharmaceutical companies use deception and are even criminal in their monopolization of the health system.

Did you know that America has 5% of the Earth’s population, yet we consume over 50% of the prescriptions written worldwide? The fact that doctors allow their patients to get addicted to medications they say we must take the rest of our lives is frightening.

I knew something wasn’t right when I’d watch commercials where the side effects outweighed the benefits of drugs being promoted. Doctored is an indictment of the medical system and should be seen.

Not rated, the subject matter is for mature viewers.

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